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Eisen and Rome, P.C. Celebrates 30 Years of Practice!

The law firm of Eisen and Rome, PC was established in April, 1988 by merging the solo practices of the principals - Richard C. Eisen and Eric M. Rome. The firm practices primarily in the areas of housing, real estate, business formation and dissolution, and civil litigation. Clients include individuals, tenant associations, cooperative corporations, condominium associations, churches, nonprofit and for-profit housing developers and lenders, as well as other business entities.

Eisen and Rome represents clients as general counsel, special counsel, and litigation counsel. A significant amount of time is spent on rental housing conversion and sale issues and housing development - in transactions, administratively, and in the DC and Maryland trial and appellate courts. In addition, a full range of settlement services are provided for real estate transactions in DC and in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, Maryland, ranging from individual sales to complex multi-million dollar transactions. Settlements are handled for clients and as a neutral agent. The firm conducts settlements that typically total in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Eisen and Rome specializes in local DC real estate law issues and often plays the role of local counsel for out of town firms and organizations involved in real estate projects in Washington, DC, particularly on local law issues involved in federal low income housing tax credit and tenant opportunity to purchase, (TOPA) transactions.

The firm and/or its principals have represented well over 250 tenant associations whose membership exceeds 20,000 tenants, over 25 nonprofit housing developers, and over 75 cooperatives and condominiums. Of the over 200 tenant associations, most have been involved in tenant purchase situations - direct association purchases and joint purchases, tenant buyouts, and other negotiated arrangements. The firm has also established over 200 condominium regimes through tenant and cooperative association conversions and for nonprofit and for profit re-developers of vacant buildings in DC and Montgomery County, MD.

Eisen and Rome has staff who are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and routinely provide translation services for Spanish speaking clients and settlement participants.